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Mission statement

Where do I even begin... I have been doing this for so long its hard to remember just when I decided I wanted to teach martial arts for living. It had to be that first power trip I got running a class on my own after receiving my first black belt at the age of 14. That's really gotta be it. Being a punk kid, not even old enough to drive and getting the opportunity to stand in front of men and women some, who am I kidding most, much older than me. And to have them look at me with admiration, respect, and loyalty. But adults are easy, hierarchies and ranks have been drilled into them for longer than I had been alive, they knew the score. I was a black belt. I had been baptized in the fire and forged into something that they could also aspire to. And while I was the lowest ranking black belt in our studio at the time my word was law. And what that does to a 14 year old, well let's just say that I haven't ever really gotten over that dopamine hit.

And here I am 24 years from that day. Still chasing that high. I have personally owned three different studios, was the assistant director for another, and at one point held the distinct honor of being the disciple destined to inherit a style. I was the Vice President of the Excel Karate league at the age of 17, and now here I am trying one more time to make a go of this thing we like to call professional martial arts.

I could go on and on about all the things that went wrong and try to play the "why me" game, but the fact of the matter is this. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I opened my first studio or even my third for that matter. I really should have went to school like I was supposed to. But the idea of owning a business sounded so cool!!

As black belts two of our tenants, or laws, or principals whichever word you use to describe lines codes are perseverance and indomitable spirit. The sometimes hard to distinguish from one another, ideas of overcoming and never giving up. Which brings us here. The newest way for me to chase that dopa hit! It is my hope that you find something meaningful here. The videos just help me keep the lights on. But what I truly hope that you take away from this website and our mission here, is that martial arts is a means to change your character. And hopefully through this blog and maybe some coaching sessions we can change who you will become.

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