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Getting Kicked

I remember it like an old acquaintance. One that I don't speak to very often, but whom with out meeting, my life would have taken a very different turn. The first time I got kicked. And I am not talking about fumbling around in self defense class or a bump on the shin, or even glancing blows in sparring class. I am talking about the first time I misjudged my blitz and got folded in half. A perfectly executed side kick that found my exposed belly and just hammered home.

It was my first crucible. The first time I had to, in real time, accept a mistake suck it up readjust my strategy and move forward. There is nothing like a fight. Even in competition fights are rare experiences that require you to hold your self accountable so quickly, especially after you've been rocked so hard your teeth are still chattering . I mean for those of you that have yet to experience this sensation, its awful. Your wind is gone, you hurt badly, and you are generally on the verge of panic. And mustering the courage to move forward after that is well difficult at best.

I go back to that moment to remind myself that despite my best preparations, plans and good intentions, things can go sideways pretty quickly. And that its important to be able to collect yourself in a moment of struggle and strife. And always that the first casualty of the plan is, in fact, the plan.

So when your project is going belly up, your kids are being buttheads, or any number of other things. Just remember to breath deep, control the shock and panic, suck it up and get back in there. Your made of stern stuff and can handle the set back!

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