What Happened???

Whew! Holy cow that was a long time in-between posts. I think what I love the most about the new year is the hyper focus on resolving to do something great with your self and your body, cause lets face it we usually want to change a bad health habit, and then three months in we fall down. I can commiserate.

I have also recently fallen down. I started this website with all the piss and vinegar the new year and facing a new year gives folks. I was motivated I had all the grand plan to make this thing happen and then reality set in. Holy cow did it ever. I made it whole 6 blogs posts before I decided that my other commitments were more time worthy. And I suffered for it. The thing is I really like Karate and coaching and helping folks achieve something better and when I am not doing that well I wither. I don't train the way I should and I stop looking for way to motivate others and therefore I stop being able to motivate myself.

And while I thought this Hiatus was just a way for me to create content or to brainstorm on ideas to make my site better. What it really became was an excuse to not do anything. I stopped filming and writing all together. (not to mention I put on like 15 LBS) I am being gracious to myself.

But now that school has started I find myself with the time to address this shortcoming in my focus and training to get back to what makes me happy. Helping folks accomplish their goals. I even filmed two new movies last week! With plans for two new workout to be added tomorrow. So here I am writing and filming and hopefully inspiring folks that even when you fall down, you can resolve to focus and get back up. Training is a journey and we will have bumps and distractions along the way. Make sure your surrounding yourself with folks who lift you up and we will see you in the studio! ASAI!

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