Perceived Effort

Happy post Labor Day everyone! I hope the weekend was full of adventures. My family and I went camping and had a great weekend riding bikes with friends. And on those bike rides man did I get worked! Rode hard and put away wet worked. My buddies took me both my hardest and longest mountain bike rides to date. And while I was chasing these rabbits up and down hills peddling as fast as I possibly could to keep up I was reminded of this idea of perceived effort.

Now I have always kind of stayed from any bike rides longer than 12 miles usually. !2 is about how far I can go in a lunch break, but the idea of going past that distance was so alien to me. even though I have ran marathons and adventures races beyond that distance. The Idea of doing on my bike just didn't really compute. I had perceived it would be too difficult for someone of my level of experience.

This weekend also reminded me that my training this year has been perceived to be more difficult. I'll be honest I gained all the weight I lost trying out for the Olympics,during COVID and that has allowed me to create an excuse about how hard I train. And you know what a lot of folks do this to themselves. Let the idea of how hard they think an exercise or goal will be hold them back from achieving it or pushing through a plateau.

This past weekend also reminded me of how important it is to have an opponent. Someone to challenge you from time to time. A person who can bring out that desire to go beyond. Now this doesn't mean you need an adversary. That get a bit too competitive for my taste anymore. But a person you can go up against on the track or in the ring that pushes you to your limit. This in my opinion will help overcome where your original perceptions were and allow you recalibrate hoe hoard you can actually go. At least this weekend that's what happened for me.

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