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Dusting off old habits

There was a time once in my life, that you could not distract me from martial arts. I lived and breathed it. I competed and trained and taught often. And by often I mean daily and for hours. But then something happened. Life happened. I was comfortable with my work schedule and so was my wife. I Had a day job then I taught in the evening and during the weekend to feed my ski habit I would work at a gear shop. 7 days a week 80-100 hours only taking time off to compete or to ski. And It was good. But then my son happened. And I didn't really know what to do. I mean I knew the type of father I wanted to be and that kind of work schedule just couldn't facilitate that. I knew I wanted to be present and I also knew I wanted him to have his own life. If karate wasn't his path I wasn't going to force it on him. So I hung it all up. I left all three jobs because they couldn't provide the salary needed to be a present and active father. And I settled on driving a laundry delivery service truck. And you know what the money was good. and life was good and I got to see my boy grow up. And here I am 9 years later returning to something I thought I left. Why???

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