Dusting off old habits

There was a time once in my life, that you could not distract me from martial arts. I lived and breathed it. I competed and trained and taught often. And by often I mean daily and for hours. But then something happened. Life happened. I was comfortable with my work schedule and so was my wife. I Had a day job then I taught in the evening and during the weekend to feed my ski habit I would work at a gear shop. 7 days a week 80-100 hours only taking time off to compete or to ski. And It was good. But then my son happened. And I didn't really know what to do. I mean I knew the type of father I wanted to be and that kind of work schedule just couldn't facilitate that. I knew I wanted to be present and I also knew I wanted him to have his own life. If karate wasn't his path I wasn't going to force it on him. So I hung it all up. I left all three jobs because they couldn't provide the salary needed to be a present and active father. And I settled on driving a laundry delivery service truck. And you know what the money was good. and life was good and I got to see my boy grow up. And here I am 9 years later returning to something I thought I left. Why???

Well I can't really answer that question. I mean I suppose that's why I am here. I feel like my experience in the martial arts has a lot left to give, and that coaching a new generation of awesome individuals is what I should be doing in order to be happy with myself. And what about my family? well I still don't want my son to follow me unless he wants to. he is currently trying out football this year. And my daughter is in Soccer. And they love it. So they get to be them. But my new career as a real estate agent leaves me with some freedom and the ability to give back to a sport and way of life that gave me so much. And maintaining that balance well that's on me. But balance is the way of the art. Finding a way to live life and to train hard. Being dangerous while simultaneously an example of calm and reservation.

And so 5am training sessions in the garage and sometime lifting weights with my weights with my wife have started to become the norm again. And the joy of putting a work out together and filming it has brought me great joy, I hope you all are getting as much out of them as I am. Riding my bike and looking forward to skiing while in shape and mostly being comfortable with muscle aches have worked there way back into my life. And so if your like me, trying to chase the ghost of who you once were, or already a badass looking to elevate, or new to the journey of martial arts and fitness we welcome you! I

t is my hope to provide value and insight to any off you who this to join me on this journey! ASAI

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